Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week #9 Thing 23

Well I made it through. I started on the 9th of July, finished on the 30th and that was with taking a two week vacation of doing nothing except kick back and relax. Shows it can be done quickly if need be. I did complete my initial goal and that was to see what this is all about. I will now be able to at least understand what someone is asking about and might even be able to help them. What I liked most in the project was the RSS feeds, online programs such as Google's Word Processing and arcaplay (awesome!). I will continue to use some of these technologies. I had no interest in others such as Meeze, Librarything, and Rollyo. Still yet others were very overwhelming to me such as podcast and all that tagging. What I see in all of this is if you have a need for information and know what you are looking for there are new ways to receive it. Although the good old Google search will still be around. I still do not know how folks have the time for all of this, for me I'll just pick a couple and life will be good. I feel that these will not be the only new things coming and to keep up we will all have to become life long learners, not a bad thing. If you sit back you might just miss out on some really cool stuff. There's something for everyone, just watch the kids around some of those Youtube videos.

Good Bye for now,

Just a Tech signing off.

Week #9 Thing 22

I had heard we did this but never looked into it. I found a few computer books that would get my interest. Windows Vista for Dummies, but it was out and I would have to place a hold. I do like that it is another place to turn for information.

Week #9 Thing 21

I was once again overwhelmed by the amount of content. I'm sure given enough time I could find something of interest here, there is just so much to look at. I can see how some find themselves unable to leave their computers. I did create an RSS feed to my bloglines account for sirsidynix though. This could be another source to get information about library service out to the public.

Week #9 Thing 20

Youtube, what to say? I could see the Library making a video of our services and posting here, it might reach folks that would not look elsewhere. As for me I liked most of the content I found. I could have done without the bad mouthing and language used in some of the comments. I looked for Martial Arts. I found this one that contains basic grabs and throws from Hapkido. I myself have just earned my Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do Mixed Martial Arts under Sensei Kegley of Martial Arts Unlimited after 4 years of practice, however I've studied Martial Arts off and on since I was 14 years old.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Week #8 Thing 19

Free Online Games brought to you by Arcaplay

As you can see I picked games. They are a good way to relieve stress. I used www.arcaplay.com, the kids will really like this site. I even added one to the blog. Very nice site, entertaining too.

Friday, July 13, 2007

This is a test of a Document writer provided from Google, I used this one because I already have an account here. Can't find a spell checker though. I mentioned before about my lack of spelling skills. I did not even know anything like this was available, very cool indeed.

Week #8 Thing 18

I used Google and published an entry in my blog. Please read that entry for my thoughts.

Week #7 Thing 17

Sandbox was easy, just follow the directions. Some of this has been a bit difficult at times.

Week#7 Thing 16

Wiki's are great. I like that a book review can be done with them, it's very library like and patrons can participate. I do wish that this program was more general in task, like I said before we all work for a Library but we are not all Librarians. I've used Wiki's in the past for various research projects and have discovered good and bad information, so check up on your resources.

Week #6 Thing 15

To a temporary place in time...

This one was very interesting. Times are changing and have been changing through out history. We (libraries) need to adapt or become extinct. Not to long ago we adapted to VHS then DVD movies in libraries. We moved onto something new but also kept the old. Obsorbing the old as she puts it.

Sounds like we have a lot of work ahead of us. The infrastructure needs to be built today to support tomorrow.

Week #6 Thing 14

It is nice to see all the different ways information can be available. I was surprised when I did a Technorati search and got a hit on my own post from week #3. As time permits I will be returning to Technorati to learn more.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Week #6 Thing 13

Just finished looking at Del.icio.us. I can see the use to bookmark here and have it available anywhere. It would be nice to have the same bookmarks available at home and work. What I find difficult is filtering through all of the data from others. I don't personally see where I care about their thoughts, just help me find what I'm looking for please without all of the extras. As time permits I can look into this deeper.

Week #5 Thing 12

I did not like Rollyo very much. I tend to find all I need with plain old Google. In order to create a search roll you have to know the URLs which I usually do not know. Once it's set up it would work but you might miss out on information located on a site you do not know about. Don't think I'll be Rollyoing

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week #5 Thing 11

Took a look at Librarything. I'm a very limited reader I like Computer, Martial Arts and Motorcycle books and magazines. I would not have much use for this service. I can see where an avid reader could benefit from this site.

Week #5 Thing 10

Here are my results using Meez. Fun Stuff. I think I've seen my girls doing something similar on Yahoo with there e-mail accounts.

Week #4 Thing 9

Merlin is full of useful information. I really liked the Learning Links, a lot of good information even some things for Computer people we all work at the Library but not all of us are Librarians. I found the blog searchers mostly confusing too much going on for me, but if I had to use one I'd pick Syndic8. I liked it best.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Week #4 Thing 8

I liked RSS a lot. I understand the concept better after seeing it. It should prove to be a time saver in the future. After I'm done playing with it I might just have to start using it for real.

Week #3 Thing 7

Since I work in the computer field I could have picked anything in this wide and various field, like the ability to link more than one video card to a computer for better graphical performance (gamers love it). However, I looked in another place for technology. I've been looking at the Can-Am Spyder here lately. It is a three wheeled motorcycle with two wheels in the front. The tech stuff here is really cool. It has electronic systems all over the place, mostly computer controlled. To name a few it has a Vehicle Stability System which helps the rider maintain control, a linked Braking System that works both the front and rear breaks together and includes ABS (we all know what that does), and Dynamic Power Steering, can you believe it all of this on a bike and the front of it opens to reveal a nice little trunk. Not a bad piece of technology if I must say so.

Week #3 Thing 6

Lots and lots of things to do on Flickr and all the mashups and 3rd party stuff. The trading card maker was nice and would be a big hit with my youngest. I do have to wonder though, where do folks get time to do this?

Week #3 Thing 5

Just got into motorcycling after a lifetime desire to ride, I bought an old 1979 Kawasaki KZ750, actually my wife won an e-bay auction and my 13 year old daughter any I made a 10 hour round trip to New York to pick it up.
I found a picture of one on Flickr that has been modified, needless to say mine doesn't even look close to this.

Progress Made

Guess I'm making some progress I've just registered the blog. So that completes 4 things and week 2. So, now on to week #3.

My 1st one

Well just starting out. Late I know. Just thought I'd see what this is about. People coming with questions and not knowing the answer isn't good for a Technician.

Good thing this has a spell checker. Spelling and I do not get along.

I looked at the Habits for lifetime learners presentation. It brought out some good points but I do not know if I would say one is easier or harder than the other for me. It will be a challenge to put the steps into practice.

Now lets see how fast I can catch up...